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Fresh stretch marks still contain blood which gives them red or purple color so, if your stretch marks are new and colored apply Green15 oil as soon as possible. This phase is short but gives best results if regularly treated with oil.

If stretch marks are white or silver means they healed as scars and need to be abraded with crystal butter. For best results after crystal abrasion apply Green15 oil (they also come as kit).
Medical Crystals Mixing Formula:                                                                                                                 
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  • "I am a practicing Esthetician in Medford Oregon, I have been doing microdermabrasion peels on myself for about 10 years and I can honestly say that I believe it has been the rea..."
    satisfied customer, OR
    Over ten years microdermabrasion and still loving it!
  • "I'm a 54 yr old diabetic woman, with very dry, ashy skin and 20 years of sun worshiping hasn't helped. My skin is extremely sensitive and just to add to the fun I have a little ..."
    Tina from Maine, USA
    Thank you for providing such a wonderful product
  • "The first time I tried the only thing I noticed was smoother skin the day of and the day after. Then my skin peeled like crazy. I went ahead and stuck with the weekly treatments..."
    Alexis, Omaha NE
    Stick with the treatments, you will be amazed!

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